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Before the start of the summer holiday season, both leading manufacturer of processors, AMD and Intel, released the latest models of processors in their modern line of CPU, targeted for use in high-performance PC. First, take the last step before the upcoming AMD qualitative leap, and about a month ago, introduced Athlon XP 3200+, which is expected to become the fastest representative of the Athlon XP family. The further AMD plans in this sector of the market is already linked to the next-generation processor with x86-64 architecture, the Athlon 64, which should appear in September this year. Intel also waited a little pause, and presented the last of Penlium 4 0.13-micron Northwood core only today. As a result, final model in this family was Pentium 4 with a frequency of 3.2 GHz. Pause before entering the next processor for the PC desktop, based on the new Prescott core, will last until the fourth quarter, when Intel again raise the bar for performance of its processors for desktop computers due to higher clock frequency and improved architecture.

It should be noted that during the confrontation between Athlon and Pentium 4 architecture, has proved to be more scalable architecture from Intel. During the period of the Pentium 4, produced by different processes, their frequency has increased more than twice, and no problem has reached the level of 3.2 GHz using conventional 0.13-micron process. AMD just detained with their Athlon XP at around 2.2 GHz, can boast so far as high frequency of the processors. And although on the same Athlon XP frequencies significantly outperforms the Pentium 4, is constantly widening gap made his case to the clock speeds: Athlon XP 3200+ with a frequency of 2.2 GHz is called a full-fledged competitor Penium 4 3.2 GHz is possible only at great ogovorkami.Brat Tollifera, Veksford Tollifer , he served as a captain in the army. Bruce thought he idler and idler. Another brother moved from the South to the West and settled in San Antonio, Texas. He bought a farm, married, started a family and gradually amassed not a bad state. Bruce hopes to break into the New York light seemed to him existent delusions. After all, if Bruce really can achieve anything - well, let's say, get a wife any heiress - so why he did not do so many years ago? However, his name sometimes gets in the papers. And at one time even a rumor that he was going to marry one only that emitted light in the rich girl, but that was ten years ago, when he was only twenty-eight years! And because of this so precisely nothing happened! Since then, both his brothers, and all the other relatives had given up on Bruce's hand. Missing person! And most of his acquaintances and friends from the New York Society gradually inclined to the same view. Too fond of it at pleasure, it is not able to rein himself does not value either their name or reputation. And now he had no one to count on any one of his former friends would not give him a cent loan.

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